The postcard exchange ends and I've got a lovely collection of paintings by an international group of talented artists :>)

The postcard exchange ends - sniff - but what a gorgeous collection I've got :>)   for a closer look run the slide show below.

 So .........I've got a fabulous collection of small paintings and sketches from a group of very talented artists - this exchange has been so much fun.   Only Ronelle knew the order in which we'd receive our cards - so each month was a surprise, anticipation, wondering who our card would be from.  We only knew who we had to send one to.

Aren't they great?

And another exchange idea is bubbling so watch this space :>)


MiataGrrl said…
What a fun way to see a huge variety of art from all over the world! Must be inspiring.

- Tina
Bridget Hunter said…
What a great post - but I'm wondering "how did you do that?" and what is our next exchange going to be :>)
vivien said…
It was easy Bridget I search for a free slide show site and found this one - Kizoa? It was so easy to do both the collage and the slide show and then put them on the blog via their html link :>) - I am not at all techie and found it straightforwardish so it must be!

Click on the link at the top left of the slide show and it will take you to their site.

Tina it was :>)

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