I should be painting but I'm squirrel watching

A pair of cheeky squirrels have moved into the garden and are a delight to watch - I keep getting distracted by them!

Our garden birds like the cheap scones you get in the economy range in Sainsburys - I can't remember how my husband discovered this but he now buys them regularly for them - then our cat decided she loved a bit as well and then second cat acquired the taste - now we have squirrels who like them - it's a good job they are cheap!

I was watching this one eating and then he/she decided to get down to the ground down the 5ft 6in-ish pole to the bird table - he swung round so he was hanging by his back feet - hung there quite relaxed for a couple of minutes, meditating on whether he really wanted to get down, nose pointing down, just little back feet latched on supporting him - then suddenly had second thoughts and effortlessly swung up back onto the table and continued eating!


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