new year resolutions

I don't really do resolutions - being of very weak willpower! but ..... I aim to do more printmaking this year, my favourite collagraphs, but also I want to have a go at woodblocks, encouraged by Diane Cutter - thanks Diane :) ( ) I also want to take part in another international print exchange but using traditional techniques for this one - last time I did digital images. I received some gorgeous prints from all over the world and it was great fun as they dropped through the letterbox.

Then - I want to get work out to galleries who said 'yes' last year and who I didn't have time for.

I want to continue exploring the flowers 'up-close-and-personal' alongside working on plein air landscapes/seascapes/woods and trees and studio work on a large scale in the various series ..... and continue to experiment with media.

I want to do more large paintings and less small works as I find them less cramping, it's easier to get more freedom and drama into larger paintings and I find them much more interesting to do. So I've ordered some more large canvasses and have a stack of old ones from college that I can work over or re-cover with canvas. Oh dear - lots of expense with paint then ...

I'll continue getting to as many exhibitions as I can, old masters and contemporary, meet up with the groups I belong to for feedback and exchanges of ideas and interesting conversation and of course keep on teaching.

For an example of superbly thought out planning for new year projects, look at the blog of Katherine Tyrrell at . I'm breathless!

It was through Katherine that I experimented with sketching in coloured pencils this year. For landscape they aren't for me I've discovered, but I loved them for flower studies and will continue to experiment with them. I shall also continue to use them in mixed media pieces - the only way I'd previously used them.

Another thing on the 'to do' list is to get my own domaine name and 'point' it at the site kreator site, something I keep promising myself I'll find time to do.

Another item on the list is to get more photography done this year.

mmmm I feel tired now


Katherine said…
Come on Viv - get that domain name sorted. It maybe takes half and hour to get it, pay for it and then do the pointing bit!

Thanks for the mention - it was very interesting how the process of doing actually made me sit and think hard about what I wanted to do - and has now had an impact on what I'm actually doing!!!
vivien said…
Well funnily enough - I've done it!!!! I bought and it'll be active in a couple of days :)

I've added it to the site properties section on sitekreator and will - hopefully - sort out the pointing tomorrow when it should be working.

I'm hoping that'll raise the profile of the site in google as well? at the moment my site languishes on page 6 when you google my name - all the stumble upons and mentions elsewhere come before it :(

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