The London Art Fair

The London Art Fair starts today. I've been going down to see it with friends for a good few years now and it's usually really interesting.

Top galleries from all over the UK have stands and it's a chance to see a very wide range of contemporary art - everything from conceptual to graphic to photorealist to abstract and everything in between. This is the Edgar Modern stand a couple of years ago from their site.

One artist I always look for is Barbara Rae - she's usually represented by a large glowing painting that sings out when you look down from the mezzanine floor above. She's a Scottish painter who is a real colourist, showing the ongoing influence of the Scottish Colourists in Scottish painting.

Barbara Rae:

I'm planning to go at the weekend with friends.
It's a great chance to see some of the best contemporary painting, from all over the country, in one place.

Islington (where the exhibition is) has a good gallery as well - The Hart Gallery. In recent years I've been lucky and they've had a show of David Blackburn's work (sadly no relation) - gorgeous glowing abstracts that need to be seen in reality to be fully appreciated.

There is also a rather nice art shop further up the road - which I may try to avoid as it is all too tempting.

and Kurt Jackson's work will be there with The Lemon Street Gallery and others:

Kurt Jackson

Then there's Gallipoli, a really nice little Turkish restaurant .....


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