it worked!!!!

Alfreda told me how to add a slide show :)

Thank you Alfreda :)


Katherine said…
Now you have to tell me!
jafabrit said…
Your welcome, you got it up, and it looks fabulous.
vivien said…
I'll email you Katherine - or you can click on the link under the slide show and it'll take you to the site - it is really user friendly to set up and you can just send it to the blog from there - I could do with a different heading but you can't seem to edit that

and thanks again Alfreda
jafabrit said…
vivien, you can edit the heading or title. when you log in and it brings up the slide shows you have there is a edit at the top of the section of each slide show. You can go back to your slide show and change it.
vivien said…
oh thanks j/a I'll look into that :)

Muddy Red Shoes - I'm sorry - I clicked your comment to publish at the same time as J's and it's disappeared into the ether! Thank you though - and I'm a regular reader of your blog :)

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