Sketchbooks and Personality

Do your sketchbooks (if you use them) reflect your personality?

Mine do.

They contain 'finished' looking work, quick scribbles, working out ideas, jotting down ideas, experiments, photos, digital printouts, found bits - anything and everything chaotically crammed together!

I do tend to keep books for certain projects but not always.

I have a couple of friends - one an architect who paints and the other with a background in business who is an accomplished painter - who have the neatest sketchbooks imagineable! Just fairly finished pieces and no chaos

Mine does reflect the way I think. I'm almost totally right brained and organisation is NOT my 'thing'. I think around a subject, going off at a tangent and coming back again.

These friends decide they are going to C and therefore steps A and B are necessary for them to get there - I simply don't function this way! sometimes I wish I could. I really have to make myself be organised when I have to be but I hate it.

so how about you?

(for my sketchbooks you can check out


Katherine said…
Mine vary. The travel sketchbooks operate sequentially at the front end (and for most of the book) and then most of the notes and jottings from various visits go in the back - working from the back. That way I get to make the notes but I get uninterrupted sketches.

My big A4 sketchbooks are a completely different matter. They're used a lot to make notes and work things out as well as used for sketches. What I have done is tried to start keeping different ones for specific sorts of sketching activities - otherwise I can never find anything - which is why they end up with a big list on the inside front cover of what's in this sketchbook!
vivien said…
Now you see that shows organisation!

I don't list but I do have sketchbooks that I take to the coast and others that I take into the landscape and another that is totally flowers.

The tiny sketchbooks aren't used much so they are a jumble of allsorts.

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