more photos from cornwall

images copyright Vivien Blackburn

More images from Cornwall :) I love the shine of the water on the wet sand and the abstract patterns made by the wind and water.

sparkling rivulets of water draining back to sea as the tide ebbs.

and ridges down the banks of a a pool that's been drying up, leaving successive lines around the edge caused by the wind blowing the surface of the water.

mussels and seaweed left by the tide

and the sheen of smooth wet sand near the sea's edge

I'm off to get 100 of these printed this afternoon. I'm going to get them done 7x5 I think.

Lyndsay has talked evocatively about her special place to be in response to my question - where is yours? (thanks Lyndsay) anyone else like to share theirs?



artything said…
Wonderfull Photos and sketches of cornwall, I was first inspired to paint By cornwall(Bernard Evans). I much admire Kurt Jackson work and was quite taken with hist Thames exhibition and sketchbool
Lindsay said…
Thanks for the link Vivien. You have captured beauitful small details of the shore and of course the sky-mirror of the flat water. I tried to order the catalogue for KJ's latest show...but alas, Lemon Street is all sold out. At least I can see it on line.
ancient artist said…
Wonderful images from Cornwall. I wish I could visit! There's something about the natural rhythms and the beauty of light on the wet sand with the shimmer of water that totally facinates me. I am always inspired by such views, and I try to capture that sense of movement and the flow of energy. But there's nothing as fine as the "original."
vivien said…
I loved the Thames project too Chris :) and bought the book!

Thanks Lindsay and AA :)

It was so lovely to stay where I could see the changing light and reflections and patterns of surf and wet sand at all times of day from our windows - from very early in the morning to sunset and tide in and out and in between :)

That light and energy are what appeals to me in landscape painting
These are lovely and take me right back to Cornwall which is somewhere I've not visited for years. My favourite photo is the first one, it looks almost abstract and the effect of light on water is wonderful
vivien said…
yes, I liked the abstractedness of the shine and the sand patterns :) I wish I'd had the time to take 100's more!
Number 11 said…
I like the shells most of all. Could you post larger images to blogger?

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