some sunsets in cornwall

images copyright VivienBlackburn

these are a few of the sunsets seen from the windows of 'our' flat - the cloud formations were often fabulous. This one is low tide with the light reflecting off the pools and shallow water at the edge of the surf.

This was a clear and cloudless sunset, turning the sky apricot and the colour reflecting on the sea. (high tide)

The strange rectangle in this one is from the mirror on the wall behind, reflecting the light onto the glass.

Between the photos and my sketches I'm hoping to paint a few sunsets :) - the problem with photos is that they can't cope with the tonal range that he human eye can - metering to get the sunset colour means losing detail in the cliffs, rocks and foreground - there wasn't much as the light was going but there was more than this. Putting colours down in a sketch in this light was interesting - the colours were far too lurid when looked at in the morning! they'll need toning down quite a bit.

I'll be putting more photos of Cornwall on my photography website bit by bit -



kate said…
Those are beautiful photographs. The skies are magnificent.
vivien said…
Thanks Kate :)

we were so lucky, the skies were wonderful all the time we were there. I don't know about you but I find cloudy skies (preferably with good weather! but nice in bad weather too) much more interesting than blue blue blue.
Katherine said…
Wow - wonderful sunsets. I think I'm going to need that address again.....

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