sketchbook and moleskine exchanges

I'm taking part in 2 sketchbook exchanges and it's fun!

1 Moleskine exchange:


Gesa sends her book to me - and it arrived this morning. :>)

She's used a really interesting mix of media and integrated them beautifully - something that looks easier to do than it is - relating to the theme for her book ' Lines, Lineages, Linings' with a lovely quote from Nicholas de Stael

' a series of discontinous lines that try to define a space by exploring the emptiness of the sheet on which they appear to be hanging but that can, at any moment, take them in' H Maldiney on Nicholas de Stael 1953 - a great quote , related to beautifully by this piece. There is another as well but that photo didn't come as well.

My local landscape - city/country/close up/panoramic/detail/whatever seems very ordinary in comparison.

There are 8 of us in the group. Here's the cover of mine, which flies this afternoon. - you can follow the progress here

2 The Flying Pictures Project - sketchbook exchange

And this one is organised by Lindsay

We are making our own sketchbooks and adding the pages as they travel - size 18x26cm. They will end up with a variety of papers and work by 7 of us.

scribble on the envelope (recycled) as mine wings its way to Ronell in France - it leaves this afternoon. :>)

and a snippet from inside - Ronell, don't look!

To follow our progress go to:


Hie hie...I couldn't help myself! I even tried to look around the corners! It looks so beautiful, the little part that I can see. I'm hightly excited to receive something from you Vivien.
Your other exchnage looks exciting too...great work that you've received. I will keep an eye out for the progress.
vivien said…
:>D It's great isn't it? I'm really looking forward to all the books arriving.

They said it would take 5 days to arrive with you when I asked at the post office.
Chris Bellinger said…
Has anyone though about prouducing a map to keeo track of all these books wissing around the world. you could incorporate Google in this ?
nice idea though
Gesa said…
Thank you!! It's a shame that I won't see what you have done until right at the end. These projects are such a lovely way of seeing other people's work for real.
The other project looks excellent too : I need to try and make one of the sketchbooks myself. I think the accordion format and myself do get on rather well.
vivien said…
what a great idea Chris - I'll put it to the others and see if it can be done

I wonder how long it'll be to the end Gesa? it's all going so well at the moment

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