Flowers and sunshine

A lovely weekend at my daughters and I managed to take some close ups of flowers in the garden - the huge tulips had gone over and were losing their petals but looked absolutely luminous in the sun.

I tried to catch the fragile dandelion clocks - not terribly successfully :>) the light and shadows on the eucalyptus tree was lovely with the blue grey leaves and warm reddish branches

Dont' forget to check on the challenge links - there are new additions to see at the top of the list :>)


Anonymous said…
i love the last shot!

Gig Harbor flowers
Your macro photos inspired me to go out early this morning and take some myself with my OH reflecting the sunlight for me with a reflector. Love the close up of the tulips - coloured pencil or pastel sketching there?? I am waiting to catch a dandelion head - they are still very yellow up here.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

I see a new body of work coming from your photos Shirley :>)

Yes I'll probably work from them at some point - not sure exactly when though. I'd like to do some large paintings from them but work committments at the moment aren't leaving me with much energy!
Karen Hall said…
Stunning photos Vivien
vivien said…
thanks Karen :>)

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