sketchbook exchange update

This is the bit where Gesa's pages end and she overlaps slightly onto my page - just a fragment of the image - I've treated it like the paper game of consequences and continued the marks into my work - but to see the whole pages you'll have to wait until Stephanie gets the book and then I can show you :>)

And now I have to go and sort out some room to fit my new plan chest into - I got it from Freecycle and of course it is HUGE! but it will be so useful for storing paper and large drawings. I just have to make space for it and work out what I may have to part with to make that space. It's coming on Wednesday :>) - though I am dreading getting it upstairs!!!


Mr Zip said…
Oo, a plan chest. I dream of a plan chest. But it would be a nightmare to find room for one, too.
I can sympathise. I am revamping and have bought a wrap around desk so need to get rid of a sofa bed. I remember what a nightmare it was getting it into the room. Dreading getting it out again. Intend to build lots of storage underneath it so I can bring things together which are stored all over the house.
Good luck with your decisions!!! Not easy.
Yellow said…
My dream is to win the lottery, buy an antique plan chest (or get some amazing carpenter to make me one) then I'll design my studio (which is at the top of a tall tower) and the rest of my house, and garden, around that. And you're all invited to the housewarming.
vivien said…
aaagh why did I let all the paints and stuff get so untidy?? I've been slaving all day and still have a frightening amount to do before the plan chest is delivered :>(

I decided to sort the paints out - rediscovered things I'd lost - binned lots of stuff being ruthless - and still there is so much moving of paintings, canvasses and furniture to do :>( and I ache everywhere!

Too many boxes to go through ....

the studio plans sound wonderful - except for getting canvasses up and down that twisty staircase! or does the tall tower have a lift? :>) or brawny servants to do the fetching and carrying!
Robyn said…
I have plan chest envy, too but even less chance of making room for one in a studio that's really a cupboard.

Fascinating to see you working in a tiny Moleskine, Vivien and can't wait to see inside your 'other' book.
vivien said…
tne tiny size really worried me Robyn!

I've just made space for it with a little help from my husband - I was really running out of energy and time!
Anita said…
I'm going to be really ignorant - what is a plan chest????
Chris Bellinger said…
I once bought twoo long table with decent draaw space that had to go up three flights of staire to where the flat was!It is allright if the people who deliver know what they are doing!
By the way my Blog is a bit wonky and has seeemed to have lost the abilirey to connect properly, I can post but the links list annd stats are missing .,,,,,any ideas?

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