sketching paintbrushes and my day links

Here are links to the blogs of those who responded to the paintbrush challenge and the 'my day' challenge - some nice stuff to look at :>)

and EJ

Katherine Tyrrell has done a fun one on her cat

and Lindsay has done a great painting of her paintbrushes here

Lindsay has updated and is working on another version :>)

and Katherine is working on one

Cathy's set of brushes at

Barbara's recent addition - cats seem to be a recurring theme as an alarm clock :>)

a beautiful sketch of a paintbrush and story to go with it from Jeanette Jeanette's great sketches of her day - and see what it's led to! and those geese look downright scary Elizabeth Floyd's busy day

Rose's imaginative arrangement of paintbrushes

Lindsay at a fun look at her day

Maggie at a fun visualisation of a day juggling her busy writing and art life with every day life and toddlers. Mr Zip's sketch of a well loved and lived brush some beautiful dogs feature strongly in Robyn's :>) Not 2 Weeks in Another Town by Dinah Robyn's lovely paintbrush sketch

I'll update this as people add to it



Robyn said…
Double thank you, Vivien.
Lindsay said…
I think you are going to have to do a feather one too!!!
vivien said…
I just may do that Lindsay :>) and it would be good to include in the FPP if people felt like it?
Lindsay said…
Good idea.We could use it as a "logo" of some sort.
ancient artist said…
This is a wonderful idea. I might have to give it a go.
vivien said…
Sue great :>)

Linday - good idea
Cosmo is blushing! Well I think he - there's that much fur!!!
vivien said…
If Cosmo is anything like my two he is well aware he's beautiful and far to complacent about it to blush!!!!

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