experiments with the seascapes - looking at different light

Cool Day, Warm Evening Light Across the Bay. Vivien Blackburn - digital experiment
I'm at last on the mend :>) but didn't feel up to painting yet - so I thought I'd work through some ideas in Photoshop, looking at different lights across the beach. I really like the subtle muted colours in these and will certainly do some work in paint or pastel from them - I'm feeling they would work very well with a loose acrylic or watercolour underpainting finished with Unison pastels. What do you think?

Red Pools, Evening Light Across the Bay. Vivien Blackburn. Digital Experiment

or the heightened Expressionist colour of this one? this would be fun to play with as well.

Passing Clouds. Across the Bay. Digital Experiment. Vivien Blackburn

or this one with the cliff under a cloud apart from a flash of light catching the top and the front of the beach?

Symphony in Greys. Towards the Sea, digital experiment. Vivien Blackburn

I want to do one in the subtle greys, blues, pinks and mauves of this one - a steely winter evening on a calm day.

Do you experiment with Photoshop or Artweaver or any of the graphics packages like this to work through ideas?

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Lindsay said…
Glad to hear you are feeling better. I especiall love the last one. Interesting way to generate painting ideas.
Hi Vivien
Glad your on the mend.
I'm with the impressionists - I have to interpret as I'm not a brilliant painter.
I play with digital imaging a lot as you see from both my blog and my website. I have a section for digital imaging on my website.
I have been waiting to see some more of your digital imaging which is what attracted me to your blog and website.
So more please.
vivien said…
wow!! you 2 were quick off the mark!

Thanks Shirley and Lindsay (sorry I keep on spelling your name with 2 ys)

it's so much fun what you can do with the digital imagery :>) I may use it a bit in the book I want to do for my grandson, scanning in the sketches and playing
Cathy Gatland said…
These look ready to frame to me - really beautiful. I guess the actual paint and pastel will enhance them even further. I wonder if when you've planned them to such a degree you don't get bored with re-creating them on paper, or are those different challenges? I find I get overwhelmed with all the options available in digital painting, so stay away - these make me think perhaps I should try though!
vivien said…
you are absolutely right Cathy - I do get bored if I just reproduce them - so they'll change, evolve and become something quite different by the time I do them!

I actually feel it's a discipline I should work on - the ability to stick closer to an original plan at times :>) I'm not good at discipline

In my book there is a really quick pen and wash sketch that led on to a series of quite different paintings and digital images (several versions are in the book - all very different) - I expect these will go the same way.
E-J said…
How have I not commented on these before? They're fabulous. Love the sparkle of the second one.
vivien said…
thanks :>)

I need to find some time to get painting

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