I've edited the book a little to improve it now I've seen my copy and it's available on blurb - anyone interested in having one, just click on the link on the right there and you can see the first few pages in a preview. (those who subscribe will need to actually go to my blog to see the necessary widget as it doesn't show up on the posts you receive so click here to take you to the blog post and the widget is on the right.

evening at the beach, charcoal on grey paper with white pencil, Vivien Blackburn. one of the images in the book

Their programme does need some work, it's a beta version and it crashes from time to time and after working for a while it gets slower and s l o w e r - closing it down and reopening it seems to help but it does get annoying. Working with a lot of large image files has got to be using a lot of memory so maybe those of you with nice new computers won't find this a problem - my elderly laptop did. It's a good easy programme though and their print quality is great so I'll stick with them and hopefully they will iron out the glitches as they go along.

Now for the next book project ....... and some painting ....... and some teaching preparation :>(.



Annie said…
I finally got through the
purchase order and am waiting.
Best Wishes!
vivien said…
great! let me know what you think?
Martha Marshall said…
It's a gorgeous book, Vivien. Congratulations on getting it done! Your reviews on your experience through the process have been very helpful as well.
vivien said…
thanks Martha :>)
Gesa said…
That's great news, Vivien - and it seemed really quick, or did I just not notice time passing. I will have a good look at the preview. It sounds like such a good idea.
Congratulations for getting this done - I've only published academic books so far (and with poor illustrations) but it's such a great feeling to get it finally finished!
Gesa said…
Sorry... another one... after I look at the preview (which worked fine for me) - this is fabulous! The repros look very good and the layout is great!
vivien said…
thanks Gesa!

an academic book sounds very impressive :>)
laureline said…
I ordered mine on the very day you posted this! (I've been too overwhelmed with life lately to have told you so at the time.)
Can't wait to get it!

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