book update

woohooo!!! well I finished and ordered it today so I can't wait to see it - and the mistakes I've no doubt made!

I hope it's ok - it ran to 38 pages in the end.

I used the second cover and as this one is just the prototype for me I stuck with the subheading of 'or I must go down to the sea again' with a subheading on the title page of 'plein air and studio paintings of the coastline' as the descriptive subheading for google.

blurb's programme crashed and lost my first version - well it's still there but it won't let me get to it :>( - the second version looked better though and I was a much faster doing it.



my croft said…
Hi Vivian,
I greatly enjoy visiting your site.
I worked in publishing for a while and I must say -- put the title and your name on the spine of the book. I don't know if you hope/intend to have the volume in brick-and-mortar stores, but if you do, what people will see is the spine. Shockingly, it's the most important part of the cover.
Jeanette said…
It will be perfect Vivien. How long do you have to wait til its in your hands?
vivien said…
my croft thanks for the advice and I agree - but sadly they don't print on the spine of books under 80 pages. No not bricks and mortar stores - just online and at exhibitions I think.

I visited your site - your work is beautiful :>)

Jeanette thanks :>) - up to 2 weeks I think. They quote 10 days but it has to come from Switzerland I think.
my croft said…
That's odd (I think) about not printing the spine. Children's books are much slimmer (usually 16-32 pages) and still manage to inscribe the spines. Maybe if blurb gets enough requests, they'll push their technology to accommodate it.

Thanks for compliment, so much. After working with words for decades, I'm new to making images and am grateful for the very generous 'how to think about it' posts on your site (and a few others, most of which I've found by meandering from your site).

all best,
vivien said…
thank you :>)

I agree it's odd and would be much better if it was titled on the spine.

I can't wait for it to arrive and just hope that I won't be disappointed in it.

I've been cajoled into doing a book for a non-computer-savvy friend of beautiful paintings and sketches she's done of Bradgate Park - Lady Jane Grey's childhood home (the one who tried to take the throne in Tudor times and was beheaded). Her work is lovely and I'll feature it when the book is done.

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