family and painting ... or not painting, sketchbook exchanges and hedgehogs

This is our friendly garden hedgehog enjoying a pasty (OK - I know the edge is scorched!) - he/she really enjoyed the cheese and potato pasty and remains of the cat's dinner :>) Flearidden I know, but awfully sweet. He/she was limping so we'll keep an eye on the situation and make sure food is out. (the limp isn't due to the cats as they have a live and let live attitude to the hedgehogs)

He/she is very efficient at keeping the slugs and snailsin the garden at bay. The cats just watch with interest - and a little wide eyed annoyance at their dinner disappearing!

Sam doing his best Bruce Willis impression

And above is why no painting has been going on - the family have been over for a visit, so nothing else was happening. The cats were not impressed with the scary noises, too many people and disruption to their routine.

Glen Heath
Detail from Glen Heath's addition to the FPP sketchbook exchange - isn't it fabulous? This is in Nina's book - theme: Polychrome

It warrants a separate post so I'll show you the whole spread in a post of its own - watch this space :>)

This week hopefully some painting can happen.



Thanks for comment on my blog.
I could do with your hedgehog in my garden. We are on snail patrol every night to save the petunias and French marigolds which they love.
Lindsay said…
I have to look up a recepie for pasties, Judging from the way that little hedge hog is tucking it, it must be tasty. Nice to see Sam too!

I just saw the above post about Nina's book and make mine a double chocolate! Better add whipped cream too. Beautiful books. EEEKKKK
vivien said…
the quilt was really lovely Shirly :>)

Lindsay the pasties are so simple and everyone loves them - including hedgehogs! I'll write it out for you.

The work in these books is just getting soooo good isn't it? the double choc/whipped cream sounds good!
Jeanette said…
I remember hedgehogs in the garden when the girls were small and we were in England. They were wonderful and great snail and slug eaters.

Sam is so cute and growing so fast. What a little charmer he is!
Lindsay said…
Thanks Vivien! I have to look up whose book is coming to me next. I think it might be Nina's (gulp.)
Anything that is "easy" would be lovely to try. Thanks for the offer to copy it out.

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