the sketchbook exchange - this one is nearly ready to fly

watercolour, fragment of watercolour sketch - Vivien Blackburn

I picked up Glen's book on Friday and have had fun (though it was intimidating after seeing the gorgeous images she'd created) adding to it. These are fragments of what will soon be flying on to Ronell in France :>) I've done 2 pages and just have to do the half page, where the next person - Ronell - can interact with my image.

My book is on its way to Lindsay in America now with Ronell's work added - I'm dying for Lindsay to get it and show what Ronell has done with it :>) I know it's going to be gorgeous!

Once Ronell receives this I will be able to show the whole of the images and the book so far ....

and another fragment from the other page - any idea what it's done with?

I'm thinking it might be good to produce a Blurb book of ALL the images from ALL the books when we've finished - what do you think?

I shall be so sorry to say goodbye to the ones that won't return to me and that would be a lovely way of keeping them all.



katie jane said…
These are lovely snippets, to be sure. A blog book would be a great idea. Love to see what's next.
Lindsay said…
I forgot to say over at FPP that the blurb is a good idea!
Annie said…
Oh, Yes, Vivien, a BLURB BOOK. Or
SOME kind of collection so we can
each sit down and go through each
my croft said…
hmm. At least some of it is done with cord. The texture of the middle bit makes me think of dryer lint (a surprisingly popular choice of media in the fiber arts world). It's a lovely tease of color and texture, whatever it is.

I am entranced by the exchange progress (and more than a little envious, these things always make me want to play too).
dinahmow said…
.I think I see string, and what looks like rose hips . A collograph, perhaps? Or wax resist with water colour?
Gee! These snippets are tantalising!
But such fun, especially as I'm coordinating a similar exchange once I have the numbers of committed people.

And, as some will be printmakers, we'll take your add-your-own-paper approach.
vivien said…
some very perceptive comments there but I'm not answering them until the book arrives with Ronell!!

it's certainly been fun and I'd encourage anyone to join an exchange like this :>)

Lindsay I'm so glad that you and Annie think the blurb book is a good idea :>)
laura said…
I agree--the snippets are tantalizing: the perfect word--makes me want to see more!! The red background is stunning and compelling, and the variety of neutrals and line in the other so elegant.
vivien said…
Laura - thank you!

I'm dying to receive the next book from Glen and carry on

This one is off to the post today
I haven't been around for a while and now I only realized how long I have been away...I have missed so much! I am SO anxious for this next book. These snippets look gorgeous and I'll post as soon as I get it...after having devoured it first with my eyes, like your book, which I just didn't want to let go!Hope it'll land in my box soon1
vivien said…
it should be there any time now Ronell :>)

I'm dying to get the next one from Glen with 3 peoples work in !

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