sketching plein air and then playing in Photoshop

I scanned the plein air sketch on the right below into the computer and then desaturated it and manipulated it a little (above) - and now I'm working on a large charcoal sketch based on it. It was quite windy and the tall grasses were bending and I want to get the feel of this into the bigger drawing.

I do like charcoal :>) so I'm looking forward to working on this.

I sketched again near where I did the cowparsley and fields of rapeseed (the 2 left hand pages) - the fields are no longer yellow, the flowers are almost gone now and the cow parsley is starting to go to seed (right hand page). Things change so quickly.


harrybell said…
This reminds me of the method I used when I first started to paint. I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time outside drawing, so I'd take a photograph and produce a black & white photocopy on the office copier. Then I'd do a charcoal drawing from the copy. The final oil painting was made using the photograph, the photocopy and the drawing to varying degrees.
vivien said…
it's a very good way of freeing up and getting away from the tightness of the photograph if you are working from one isn't it? :>)
derek jones said…
vivien - this looks really dynamic and interesting
vivien said…
thanks Derek :>)

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