Monday, June 30, 2008

fpp - sketchbook exchange update

Poppies by Glen Heath - detail

I have the next book in the FPP sketchbook exchange and help!!!!! what a challenge. The book is Nina's and her theme: Polychrome. You can see how Nina started the book here, with a beautiful watercolour of the view from her home.

Now Glen has lived up to it with this lovely study of poppies - the full image is below with some of Nina's work showing on the left:

How to follow this ????????????????

I need chocolate

And how am I going to part with this book?

and I've had a sneak preview of the next one which is currently with Glen - and it's gorgeous as well

I need more chocolate



Jeanette said...

Delicious drawings I agree. But your work is fabulous too. What about another beautiful seascape with those glowing blues, turquoise and oranges?

vivien said...

Thank you Jeanette :>D

actually you may have just changed my mind about what I was going to do in this one :>D

I may just do that