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Sketchbook exchange update

Nina's painting in her book - which is currently with Glen (but I got a sneak preview!) and will come to me next.

Isn't it gorgeous? Her theme is polychrome and there are the most gorgeous subtle colour changes in there with a wonderful sense of light - the golden light of late afternoon/early evening

I love her sense of balance with the other elements as well - the writing, colour swatches and lettering make a really beautiful spread of pages.

The use of watercolour is masterly too.

A book of all the images is clearly going to be essential - I'll hate saying goodbye to so many of these.



Jeanette said…
It is a beautiful image, I agree completely.

I don't know if I understand the whole sketchbook swap thing, but perhaps its my foggy brain.

'X' number of people agree to participate, they each create a page(s) (is it based on a theme?), then the book does a complete circle by post of all those participating who each add a page then it returns to its original owner?

If that's the case, then yes a book of all the sketches would be wonderful. I see a project in your future... :)
vivien said…
Hi Jeanette

yes, you've got it

In this exchange there are 7 of us - Nina, Lindsay (organiser), Ronell, Casey (Toussaint), Glen, Robyn and I.

We all start a book off, making the front cover and first two and a half pages.

I actually included the back cover because I made a little pocket in it to hold a feather for people to draw and add if they felt like it!

The half page is for possible interaction with work - kind of artistic consequences (do you play that paper game there?)

then it travels from person to person, coming back to its originator full of fascinating original artwork :>).

Each of us sets a loose theme for our book but it is a friendly exchange with no strict rules. My theme is landscapes, Glens is flowers, Lindsay maps and journeys etc etc but all open to very different interpretations.

With the moleskine exchange (Lindsay and I are in that as well) it is the same, but with 8 members, everyone using a small moleskine, and again the book you start off is the one that returns to you. Each has a theme.

In the moleskine exchange there are Lindsay, Lorraine, Stephanie (organiser), Brian, Casey (Klahn),David, Gesa, Lindsay and I - 8.

They have only just begun but it's so exciting when one arrives to see what has been done in it and the challenge to get your head around :>) - David for instance has chosen dance ..... dance???? :>0
dinahmow said…
I am enjoying this book's journey and your excitement is infectious!

I hope to get my exchange started next month and I'll give the group links to some of the Flying Pictures "travellers." (In our case, not all will have blogs so I'll probably just do the updates at 'Idle Thoughts.')
katie jane said…
Wow, you are so right! This painting is so beautiful to look at. This will be a wonderful book when done, for sure.
my croft said…
There's a book of an exchange that was done here in the US with a color theme -- called, not incidentally, True Colors, and published by Somerset. The participants are all fairly well known fiber and collage artists (at least, they're well known here): Lynn Perrella, Nina Bagby, Claudine Hellmuth, Teesha Moore.

This is one of my favorite books -- so 'favorite' that I've broken the spine in a couple of places. Amazon has a good posting about it if you want to take a look.
harrybell said…
This page is frighteningly good. I'm always impressed when someone can use watercolour like this.
vivien said…
Dinah I'll watch your exchange with interest :>)

my croft I'll take a look at that book - I may have to look on the US Amazon site but I'll find it - thanks :>)

Harry it is frighteningly good! I may use oils as that's my stronger suit!

Katie Jane = thanks
Sensational painting!

Getting your post must be so exciting these days
vivien said…
it is!

sadly this one is in Nina's own book and once posted on is gone forever :>( but we are going to do a printed book of all our images :>) so that we each get to keep a copy of the whole exchange, which will be great.

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