a bit more experimenting with the lino prints - work in progress

Further experiments with the lino plate. The graphic clean print is all very well but I do like painterly expressive marks. So these are done inking up the lino with oil paint and a brush. This means that the colours can be more varied and the brush marks incorporated into the finished piece.

Neither of these are finished. They need a little more work to pull them around but I can see where I can take them.

On the one below, on black paper, I roughly painted a background and then printed wet in wet oil paint. Again, it needs more work.

These were photographed with flash so the colours aren't quite true, they are a lot better IRL. I'll take some daylight pictures as they develop.


Billie Crain said…
i really like the bottom one with those browns and blues, Vivien. i'm anxious to see what more you do with it.
vivien said…
Thanks Billie :>)
Don McNulty said…
These are great, yes, painterly. These are great ideas, I sometimes do linocuts and monotypes, for sure I will be back at it now, thanks.
vivien said…
Thanks Don :>)

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