a couple of digital manipulations of the lino prints

Time is a bit short at the moment so I haven't had chance to get on with paintings - these are a couple of digital variations on the lino prints, playing with colours and time of day.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Private View of an exhbition in the Cotswolds of an artist new to me - so hopefully an interesting day.


Jeanette said…
I like these twilight/night versions of the prints.

Its good to be able to test ideas digitally before committing time and resources to the real thing.
Robyn said…
When are you going to come to Tuscany and show me how to get Photoshop to do things like this for me, Vivien? I'll take you to 'my' print studio. ;)
vivien said…
:>D I'm on the next plane over!! it's grey today here - a bit of Italian sunshine .....mmmmm heaven!
Robyn said…
Don't get too excited about the Tuscan climate - the sun was shining today but I couldn't take my coat off. I've been printing in my overcoat!

What flight are you on?
vivien said…

if only!
Robyn said…
Hold the dream, Vivien, it's the first step to achieving it :)
Lisa Purcell said…
I Love these versions. Enjoying the entire series. What more can you do. Waiting with anticipation. You constantly suprass yourself.
vivien said…
Thanks Lisa :>)

every time I post another version I wonder if people are going to be screaming with boredom!

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