Life Drawing with Channel 4

Life Drawing with Channel 4. Willow Charcoal, Vivien

Today I managed to catch the Life Drawing Class on Channel 4 - really interesting and hope they continue with the idea.

These aren't the best drawings! very quick and unfinished as they were relatively short poses so it was essential to work fast.

I like to work in tone and line, letting the background darkness define some of the edges and using the lost edges to unite figure and background.

The model was a dancer - a little androgynous, muscular and compact, interesting to draw.

The second pose was identical but seen from the back - even more unfinished!


- I need to practise more I think :>) I hadn't done life drawing in a long long time and never from TV.

There is a good site called ???Poser with male and female digital figures showing muscle structures from all sorts of viewpoints for those interested - ideal for those doing fantasy art. It's a Japanese site with quick and long poses.

Annie has kindly reminded me that it is Posemaniacs - thanks Annie :>)

Katherines sketches of this pose

Katherine's work from the last programme


Annie said…
Nice that you can follow a live drawing class on tv! I don't think I can see Channel 4 at my home (in Belgium). The site you don't remember the name of is I discovered this site yesterday and I already made some sketches. You can see them on my blog.
I've got mine up now. I found I had a made a few notes of what he said - I liked the one about erasing.

I'll go and put a link to this post in my post today!
vivien said…
that's the one Annie - thank you - I'll update the link

Do you know Katherine, I found I'd concentrated totally and tuned him out!!! 8>O so I can barely remember a thing he said!

I'll read it and see what he said! and add a link
Jean Spitzer said…
What a fun use of television. I'm enjoying the sketches and the toning of the canvas. I don't think I'd like to listen to someone while I drew, though--but I guess that's what volume controls are for.
caseytoussaint said…
What a great idea! you've done beautifully - are you sure you're out of practice?

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