sketching little boys playing football isn't easy!

Sketches of Sam playing football - from photos, he moves far too fast for me to attempt sketching this from life without a lot more practice! Biro in Moleskine sketchbook

I definitely need more practice. We had a family get together in Bourton on the Water, in the Cotswolds. A beautiful place but very very busy. The men and Sam played football on the Green by the stream and I got loads of great photos but the movement was too fast for me to try sketching from life. I need a lot more practice.

These started off a bit cartoony as I was thinking about making him a book about the day and I'm not quite sure where they ended up!

Sketching children isn't in my comfort zone and as I had 2 daughters, sketching little boys is a new area - clearly needing more practice.


Anonymous said…
Oh but he's so cute - just adorable. Can I ask how old he is?
caseytoussaint said…
These are charming, Vivien - I especially like the one on the lower left, with the ball.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

He'll be 2 at the end of August - he's quite small for his age though as neither of his parents are tall.
Your childrensketches are cute vivien!
I find children very hard and I'm too afraid to sketch/or photograph children in public, and I'm not yet as lucky as you to have such a cutie so close by!
PS: do I still have time left to do a tree sketch or two for your challenge?
Jean Spitzer said…
He looks like a star--I can see why you thought children's book.
vivien said…
Yes, still time for the tree challenge Ronelle :>) up to the end of the month, then I'll do a summary post. Please do join

I wish they were close by < sigh > - we meet up half way mostly for a day out together.

He is a little star! warning: fond grandmother talking .... he's a real little footballer.
Julie Broom said…
These are just adorable, Vivien. Nice movement in the drawings and would certainly make a wonderful book.
Anonymous said…
About the same age as one of our grandies then - but in our case, Rory is a huge kid. More like a 3year old in size already. And car mad like his Dad.
vivien said…
Thanks Julie - and yes, he's car mad as well as football mad!
dinahmow said…
Sketching anything that moves is tricky - like my friend's dog yesterday. Posed beautifully for her "mum", but wouldn't sit for me. So I winged it and made a frightful mess! (might post it.If life slows pace a little!)
I have a couple of tree sketches;really want to do my red leaves in w'colour, but time...
(By the must be the only one to go to Bourton and not photograph or sketch the "Lilliput" buildings! ;-)
Robyn said…
I think your sketches are beautiful, Vivien and it looks like the same little boy in all of them, so you must be doing something right :)

Do please show us if you make Sam a book about the day.

I've been adding to my trees but will come back before the end of the month with the links together.
vivien said…

we were planning to go there but were having such a good time that we left it to another visit - I haven't seen the model village since I was very young, and I was charmed by it. Hope I still am when we do go!
vivien said…
oh that's good Robyn :>) thanks

and great with the trees :>)

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