Rocks between Sennen Cove and Lands End , watercolour and mixed media

Rocks between Sennen Cove and Lands End. Watercolour, biro and coloured pencil. 10x11 ins approx. Vivien Blackburn

Jeanette has issued a challenge for people to paint/draw rocks.

These are some-I-did-before plus a new one from today. I had to work from a photo for this new one as sadly I'm 320 miles away from Sennen Cove right now :>(

The figure gives the scale of those massive rocks though and gives me vertigo as well! I couldn't stand that close to the edge.

To see the stages as a work in progress go here

Why not join in and leave her a link to your rocks?


Jeanette said…
Love the rocks and the slide show. You make it look easy.
Julie Broom said…
Vivien, this is so inspirational. To see all of your rock works in a slide show like this is brilliant, what a fantastic body of work you have created! This motivates to go and try and create some of my own.

While I really like the composition of your latest one, I really adore some of the wilder, looser works in the slide show. Top notch!
caseytoussaint said…
Lovely work, Vivien, and so you! You can feel the salt air in the finished version!
vivien said…
You make portraits look easy though Jeanette! and I know they aren't!

Thanks Julie :>) - the getting out and working from life is so important - the knowledge then feeds into the times of working from photos/sketches in the studio.

Thanks Casey :>)
Chrissy said…
Great capture of the atmosphere. The feeling of timeless motion, I love it...I do so enjoy Mayon Cliffs, I have a photo on my desktop at the minute of the sun shining down into the water beneath all swirling, there is nothing else but the depths of turquoise and the white patterns on the water.
Jean Spitzer said…
Lovely--and dramatic--drawing (I also associate perching on an outcropping with daring). The slideshow has so many amazing works. Great to see them compiled.
vivien said…
Chrissy that sounds beautiful - the light there is so fabulous isn't it? no matter what the weather - and the sunsets are just out of this world

Thanks Jean :>)
Jennifer Rose said…
all of your rock drawings are wonderful. lots of great textures to them :)

you wouldn't catch me anywhere near that edge! o.0
vivien said…
thanks :>)

yes the drop is SCARY!

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