Dawn: Lavender, Viridian and Amber, acrylic on 12 inch canvas

Dawn: Lavender, Viridian and Amber. 12 inch canvas. Acrylic. Vivien Blackburn

Still in Christmas present mode! This is a present for my eldest daughter. She's moved into a new home and decided she wanted white walls and seascapes ..... a hint?????

I did this one from references you've seen before but decided to combine elements from several.


The colours aren't showing up quite right in the complete image. There is more of that viridian/eau de nil green in the water. The clouds are a slightly more subtle colour.

Unusually for me, it's done entirely in acrylic - acrylic paint with some acrylic ink.

I may yet add small touches of white oil paint with a palette knife to improve the sparkle on the water and the waves. What do you think?


Julie Broom said…
If I was your daughter Vivien, I think I'd also have white walls with lots of seascapes too! This is absolutely stunning - the depth is amazing. It's quite difficult to tell from the photo whether adding more white in oil is necessary, however I always think extra sparkle never goes amiss.
caseytoussaint said…
How beautiful! Your daughter's such a lucky girl.
dinahmow said…
Will you be my mummy, too?

Also - I have some photos on the Our Nine blog.
vivien said…
thank you all :>D

I'm off to look Dinah - and I'll ask Anita if she has an address to forward the books I have, so they move on again.

I'll wait until after the Christmas post though, a little safer.
Brian McGurgan said…
What a gorgeous painting, Vivien - your daughter is very lucky! At first look I thought it was done in mixed media and mostly with watercolor. I think the sparkle on the water looks just perfect as is but that's just me - I'm sure it will look good with whatever you decide. Best wishes for a very happy and healthy New Year!
vivien said…
Thank you Brian :>) and a very Happy New Year to you to

They loved it and have a place where they intend to hang it planned :>) so great relief!!
Cathy Gatland said…
Vivien, this is an absolutely beautiful painting - your daughter had to love it!
I just linked to your 'Working plein air - the hazards' post, if you don't mind - after a gruelling afternoon out today!
vivien said…
Cathy you are welcome - thank you :>)

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