Artists Christmas Cards

This was the final version of one of my cards.

Below are links to those who designed their own and left links in the comments for me:

Maree had the lovely idea of raising money for an animal charity with one of her card designs.

Jeanette did this lovely and very different card

Billie wondered what would happen if Santa's cat, who was scared of heights, hitched a ride :>)

and then designed another funny one - how many Persian cats have I seen with faces like that!

Gesa produced this elegantly minimalist card

Sarah produced this lovely Advent Calendar that opens a new window each day
and a Winter Solstice card

Ronell produced this delicate arrangement

Maggie made a 3D celebration!

A creative and inventive lot I'm sure you'll agree

Katherine did an interesting round up of free online art cards from various galleries

and don't forget the fun snowflake cutting programme for the child in you at Christmas :>)

if you made your own card and I haven't listed you, just send me a link and I'll add you to the list :>)


Julie Broom said…
some very original ideas, all great :-D
annie said…
Your card is adorable and thanks for including all the others and inviting more. They brighten our lives.
vivien said…
what a lovely surprise!

thanks Katherine :>)

and what a great group of paintings - my vote is for Sarah :>)
Thanks for the nod vivien!
I love this card of is so festive and fun!
Hope you had a good season and enjoyed the precious time with your family..

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