Instant Christmas cards - well almost!

card layout for printing on paper

What happens if at 7am you realise you've forgotten to organise cards for your class (who are lovely so not what I'd want!) - I like to give them one I've designed but I hadn't yet done it - and today was the last class of term and we were going out for Christmas lunch afterwards. 8>O

Publisher to the rescue :>)

I used on of the Sam illustrations and as I had no card left, printed it on paper and folded it twice. It worked ok :>)

Folded and signed as they came off the printer and done in time :>)

You can use word but it's not quite so easy to get the spacings right - it's really easy with Publisher. You can see the blue guidelines I set - these don't print.

I am so disorganised at the moment and juggling so many things. Juggling is not one of my talents. Hospital visiting ends today though with the patient getting parole - I'm off to collect him in a couple of hours. That should take some of the pressure off.

I bet you are more organised?


dinahmow said…
Vivien,luv,making a wager like that labels you "a mug punter"...nice work on the in-a-hurry cards.
vivien said…

that's a relief to hear! I always seem to be chasing my tail on deadlines!
Sarah Wimperis said…
large glass of mulled wine, good book, and a mince pie, feet up, fire lit, obviously after you have patient back home, class finished and cards delivered! Bloomin Christmas eh!
Actually I love the excuse to make those cards and print off stuff for presents, I hope you have a lovely one Viv. xx
Janet Pantry said…
Nicely done, Vivien - it's amazing what we can do when under pressure, isn't it? Am I ever disorganized? Never! I have everything nicely under control all the time and never forget to do anything .....yeah right and there are a lot of flying pigs out there!! ;)
vivien said…
Thanks Sarah and Janet :>) that sounds like heaven!

I admit I'm organisationally dysfunctional!
harry bell said…
More organised? Me? Ahahahahaha.
vivien said…
you always sound organised Harry!
harry bell said…
It's all a facade. I know of no one less organised.
vivien said…

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