Christmas things update

I've just designed a mug for my son-in-law for Christmas with zazzle, featuring thjs digital image of my daughter.

I originally created a couple of versions of this image - one in colour and one in a limited palette. I mixed a photograph of my daughter and her belongings (much manipulated) with a section of a Dante Gabriel Rossetti painting. You can see the coloured version below. She is the one on the left.

I continued the mirror image theme, with 3 repetitions, the middle one flipped, so that it wraps around the mug.

And .... to go with his snowman book that I wrote/illustrated for Christmas, I've put illustrations from it onto an apron that Sam can wear for painting and a Tshirt.

Let's hope we like them all! I haven't ordered anything like this before - if I'm happy with the quality I may think of opening a Zazzle shop.

Sorry I've been absent for a while - family health problems cropped up again with a lot of hospital visiting - hopefully ok for now, though parole isn't until Monday :>) The cats will be very happy then :>)


Lindsay said…
these are so beautiful! Wonderful ideas.
dinahmow said…
And here I was, bemoaning the fact that no one makes gifts these days!
Yes, the cats, especially Paddy, will be happy!
Julie Broom said…
What wonderful presents, the recipients are going to be thrilled!

Hope everything works out okay at the hospital.
Jeanette said…
I love the image on the mug Vivien, the colours and shapes are wonderful. I'm sure it will be a hit.

The snowman illustrations on the apron and tshirt are so cute. What a great idea!

I'm toying with a zazzle or cafe press shop to sell cards etc. Still trying to figure it all out!

I'm glad the family health issues are resolving themselves. Its tiring and stressful all round.
vivien said…
thank you all for the positive response :>)

I just hope the recipients are as positive!

I love things that people have made - my grandmother always made me interesting things and my grandfather too. I used to make my daughters rag dolls and spent hours making food, furniture and pictures for the wall, for their dolls houses :>)
Billie Crain said…
You are one clever lady, Vivien.:) I really love the image on the mug. I think I may have to check out Zazzle for myself!
annie said…
Such lovely images on the mug. and the apron is so cute and will really come in handy.

I am so sorry that things are difficult for you and your family, right now. I do hope for the best.

I can only bow before all your creativity!
My best wishes to you and I hope all is OK...
Anonymous said…
Oh that cup just ROCKS! So lovely.
And as for parole time - good luck with things going onward and upward :-) Hospital can be so time consuming - but we are so lucky in the care we get. Mum tangled with the dishwasher door at the weekend and, at 85 yrs, it meant a trip to A&E. They were, as always, brillient. So fortunate...
vivien said…
Ronelle you are EXTREMELY creative! I love watching what you are doing with your Coin Perdu :>)

Cath - thanks - I hope son-in-law agrees, and fingers crossed for quick recovery for your mum.

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