people in a waiting room: sketches of people from life

Sketches in a waiting room

The elderly Sikh gentleman was fated never to be finished - first my brush pen ran out of ink, then they moved him before I finished the carbon pencil sketch.   He remains wheel-less in his wheelchair.

 All in a little 6 x4 inch sketchbook.  Smaller than I like, but unobtrusive in this situation.

The top right hand sketch is the only one I was anything like pleased with.


Michael Bailey said…
I really like the two studies of the elderly Sikh gentleman and the carbon pencil one best of those. It just seems to give the right texture for the subject.
These sketches are lovely. I epecially like the quiet dignity and patience of the last figure.
*Murphy's law states that pens will always run out just as the magic starts to happen ;o)
Jeanette said…
Why does that always happen when you have the right subject, the right light and the right lines happening?

Sketching in waiting rooms is a challenge as people do seem to move just when you're getting the sketch as you want. I like the top right sketch and the bottom sketch as well. We determine that we need finished pieces for some reason, and simple lines capture movement so well, even if not as accurate as we like.

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