and now for something completely different - illustration: a birthday party invitation for emailing

My daughter rang me this morning - no pressure - she said.  But could I do a party invitation for her to email for Sam's 4th birthday party, to send to friends mums - by tonight please?

So here it is - no time for thinking around or reworking.

The drawing is in coloured pencil and the writing was done in Photoshop, a line at a time so I could position it closely.

There is a bit more below this with the venue, date, time and RSVP stuff.

He is going as Batman - evidently :>) )

 So tomorrow I'm hoping to PAINT.


annie said…
Sam and friends will love it. Perfect and such quick work.
Congratulations for pulling it off.
vivien said…
thanks Annie - with more time I could have thought it through better but it's now on its way to the kids.
Spiritartartist said…
An awesome invitation! You should market it. with a girl design of course too. "Custom Email Invitations by Vivien!" Don't you just hate it when people have these great ideas about what you should do with your work? I know I do! Hope you don't mind my 2 cents. Just had to say, it's really cute and a GREAT idea!
Eliza said…
So spontaneous, just great!
Eliza said…
So spontaneous, just great!
vivien said…
thank you Eliza and SpiritArtist :>)

that's a good idea about the sales - I wonder if I could work out a way of putting it on Etsy?

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