Birch trees and snow, oil on canvas, work in progress

oil on canvas 16x20inches

I've struggled to find painting time recently - but this is the start of a new canvas, one of a series along with this one in the previous post here, this one, and others if you search under the tag 'trees'  .

It is done over a still life painting that I didn't like with a lot of blues in it and some copper - the paint is very thinly scumbled in places, allowing the colours to come through and become part of this work.   Sometimes I really like working over an old canvas because of the things that happen, the colours that come through - sometimes shining through thin layers of paint and sometimes fragments, flickering through overlaid colour.

I had the previous sketch

propped up - but as always, the painting took on a life of its own.  Both are purely from memories of snow and trees and shining water and quick sketches done plein air.  Using the colour of the underlyng painting changed the feel entirely and the water somehow crept in there :>)

The trees will be simplified  - and I may introduce hints of cool pale beige into the reeds and dry grasses - to be decided.   The mist also needs further work.

I thought I had a photo of the still life but when I checked I hadn't so sadly I can't show you the very different painting underneath,


(excited clapping of hands!) I love your birch paintings and look forward to seeing this one develop and watching the process.

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