how to draw a cat 2: sleeping ginger cat in coloured pencil

Another drawing of my daughters cat, sleeping this time with her beautiful bushy whiskers curling, fur glowing in the sunlight.

Again in the A4 moleskine folio sketchbook, done with a mix of Lyra and Polychromos pencils. 

This one is much closer up, so the fluffy, overlapping texture of the fur shows much more with lots of drawing back in with the Jakar eraser for the pale over dark sections and the whiskers.

I deliberately gave the background a mauve/blue haze of colour to cool down all those warm glowing colours and offset them.

detail of details drawn back in with the Jakar eraser

You can see the layers of colour in this detail and the lines drawn back in with the Jakar eraser, clean back to the cream moleskine paper.


laurel said…
Beautiful and such a cute subject. Wonderful details.
dinahmow said…
Such a sweetie!
My cats are black, with black whiskers.So hard...
Jeanette said…
Beautiful companion piece for the first drawing of the cat. That haze of soft colours works so well.
vivien said…
thank you all :>)

oh I know - black cats are very hard! though an interesting challenge in lost edges. I have to have a go at one of our sooty monster - we've got one beautifully coloured tortoiseshell tabby - lots of lovely marks to work with - and one sooty little blur with shiny eyes!
Robyn Sinclair said…
Pure, beautiful cat!
vivien said…
thanks Robyn

I've had a go at our sooty little panther - so far utter disaster. I think it will end up a very very very mixed media piece as I try to rescue it!

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