Ginger cat in coloured pencil

Coloured pencil in A4 moleskine sketchbook

This one is a present for my daughter.   In memory of her much loved cat who sadly is no more.

She was beautiful with eyes that appeared really blue against her fur, very unusual.

It isn't quite finished - I don't know whether to include her collar or not - have I got enough information on how her fur falls round her neck to leave it out?  decisions decisions ........


Jeanette said…
Lovely colours and the blue against the ginger really stands out.

I know she'll love it.

If you can find another image of a cat wearing a collar, you could adapt it for this piece. However, the drawing works beautifully as it is.
annie said…
How lovely, Vivien. Your daughter will be so happy to have it. What a beautiful cat she was. I like it as it is.
vivien said…
thank you both :>)

She was a lovely cat and the biggest chatterbox ever

She does have a collar on in the photo I worked from - but I just thought it would look better without, I was concerned that the fur fell right as I was having to do it from knowledge of her and our cats anatomy and fur movement

You've done some beauties of Tripod Jeanette.
Billie Crain said…
Love this, Vivien! So adorable.
Bridget Hunter said…
Its just beautiful as it is. Lovely pencil work.
This is so beautifully and sensitively done and I don't think you need to add any more. I'm sure your daughter will love it.
vivien said…
thank you all :>)

yes, she's only seen it online but burst into tears and said she LOVED it and it's going above her desk - so happy daughter ..... I think!

and yes, I agree, I'm not doing any more to it now.

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