Pictures from an exhibition

Phew it's all finished - well apart from putting things away.   This was the exhibition with a little group of friends - we meet up once a month to discuss work in progress, critique, sometimes arrange to visit exhibitions or sketch plein air and a couple of times a year put on these shows.   You'll probably recognise the work here.

3 intense days, lots of visitors, lots of nice things said, lots of interesting conversations.

My browser - the portrait behind is the work of one of the friends.

so ...... here are a few images from the show.


annie said…
Congratulations, Vivien. Lovely time for you but you are probably glad to put your feet up and take a nice long nap now that it is over.
Anonymous said… it is time to rest...
vivien said…
oh you are both so right about the resting!
Prasetyo said…
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