More doodling at the NEC

Seedhead done with Artbars A5ish

Another of the small pieces I did to show the different ways Artbars can be used, using some of the lovely subtle colours in the box along with the more vivid.  All work there was done on the new watercolour paper they devised to complement their water soluble media.   It's lovely, smooth and the colours glow against it.

I do like the ability to use line and mass and switch constantly between with the same crayon.

Had a great day yesterday catching up with old friends at an Open House full of great paintings, printmaking, felting, ceramics and glass.   Buzzing now :>) Will share some of the artists work later.


Ian Bertram said…
I bought some artbars after your first review. I've done some drawing with them, but I've also used them to make prints with by drawing on paper and using that as the matrix. Some interesting effects depending on how damp the paper used for printing is. I had most success with paper that has been simply spritzed. Nice effects too by combining with normal oil pastel.

I haven't uploaded anything yet to my blog, but seeing these lovely effects makes me think I should.
vivien said…
that sounds interesting Ian

I did try doing monoprints by drawing onto acetate and then printing onto damp paper but it wasn't terribly successful

You should definitely upload your experiments :>)

Ian Bertram said…
I tried acetate too, but the art bars simply didn't adhere well enough. Cartridge paper worked fine though, even the paper I use to take up excess water from printing paper.
Ian Bertram said…
I haven't tried it yet but I'm told that Truegrain works well as a basis for monotypes with media like Artbars.
vivien said…
I've not heard of that - must google it
Ian Bertram said…
I've posted some scans of a couple of experimental monotypes made using art bars as part of a work in progress blog post.
vivien said…
interesting - they wouldn't work so well without access to a press but would still be worth experimenting with.

I want a press of my own. Using the printworkshop is SO expensive. I've currently let my membership lapse.

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