Pen and Ink app plus Spray Can app, sketching on the ipad

Quick sketch from life, the window sill and silhouetted resident tiger

And yes the plant is tipped over thanks to madame there, my perspective wasn't out!   Done using the Pen and Ink app, then opening the image in the Spray Can app.   The trouble with this is that it sprays over your drawing, whereas using Photoshop on the computer allows you to work in a layer beneath.   I used a low opacity so that I could overlay colours - there is a very limited range.

I haven't used the spray app much yet other than this.

onwards ..................


dinahmow said…
I am reading all these posts, but have not commented since I am app-less and therefore clueless!
But I do enjoy your brief critiques and demos of the various elements.
I'm most impressed that these new ones do seem to "work" like traditional artists' tools.
vivien said…
I'm impressed with them too!

Using this has made me wish I could afford an apple computer ... So intuitive to use, just as everyone says.

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