The Sketch Club app for ipad: sketches of tulips in lettering, undergrowth and cats

Tangled undergrowth, a sketch done with the Sketch Club app on an ipad

This App was highly recommended to me and I'm so glad.  It has all sorts of features that I want - the ability to use layers, to import images done in other apps, layer options much like Photoshop, a good range of marks including some of Mr Doobs, (a free online app that you can use on a pc) and more.  It really is a very versatile one.  There are good options on resolution and file types.  It's extremely easy to use, very intuitive.

The ability to work onto images done in other apps (or of course your photos) extends the creative possibilities enormously.

Below is an experiment with drawing in lettering, not a great drawing but it demonstrates the fluidity with which the writing moves.  This has lots of potential in images and design.  I input the words happy birthday and then simply treated the text like line, to draw the flowers .  They repeat endlessly.  Cool?  I thought so :>)

And I had a go at colouring the Pen and Ink drawing of the resident tiger in it - again, adding colour on the layer below, keeping the drawing sharp by using multiply on that layer, allowing the colour to shine through from underneath.

So .... the verdict is that this one is definitly a keeper

You can see the other experiments with apps here


Anonymous said…
I think the top one is superb. I am still hankering after an i-pad, but Father christmas passed by too quickly!
Its been a while since i visited and i didn't realize that it was your site with the new design. Love the cat sketch and the new design. Happy New Year
Anonymous said…
I love tagging along on your coat tails, Vivien! And I've just put Mr.Doob on here and will play later.
vivien said…
Thank you all :>) You'll have fun with Mr Doob's programme - put a link to anything you show with it in the comments here? so people can follow up on them

Hi Cathy :>)

and rotten Father Christmas :>(

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