Snow and late afternoon light. iPad painting

Painting from memory; a fabulous late afternoon with fresh snowfall, low sun throwing apricot through and bouncing off the dark clouds and the snow.

I stopped on the way home to look at the gorgeous light on the landscape.  The furrows and tyre tracks in the ploughed field made a beautiful pattern on the hillside, with smooth snow n the adjacent field.

The low sun threw apricot light on the snow and shone through the dark clouds.

It didn't last long.   By the time I'd driven for maybe 5 minutes it was gone, the sky was all dark clouds or grey.  So this is from memories.  I did take some photos but didn't get them out when doing this and the previous one,

I started it off in the Pen and Ink app

The image was then imported into Sketch Club and I painted it on a layer below with some final touches on a layer above the 'pen' sketch.

I like this ability to use layers - it replicated using a watercolour wash over a pen sketch and then using a little gouache over this to obscure some parts.

I then added another layer and put some loose blurry birds in, trying to get the speed and movement of the flock that suddenly took off as I watched.

Another version in iPastel is here.

I really like the way that snow simplifies and minimalises the landscape.


Interesting to see the development, and although the medium is so different to your usual work it is so unmistakably you.
Warm wishes in this chilly snap we are having.
vivien said…
It certainly is chilly! I want to break out the oil paints with this and the iPad is proving an interesting way of working through sketchy ideas.
annie said…
I agree with Lisa, and despite the digital apps that you are trying and that leave me totally lost in cyber space, the beauty and delicacy and style are still so YOU...

I do like to see the stages of your work. Great tutorials.

Anonymous said…
Viv, this article really puts it all together for me! Thanks!

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