Portrait done in Sketch Club on the ipad

More playing with Sketch Club on the ipad.   A portrait of my grandson.

I need a finer stylus for finer detail, like features.   There is a good comparison, in 2 parts, on youtube.   I want that pen type with the circular clear disc.   The brush would be fun maybe, though not essential.  He also recommends the Bamboo stylus - but buyers on Amazon slated it for an ephemeral lifespan - has anyone any experience of this?

This was sketched in a mix of the pen and brush tools in Sketch Club and then using the text tool just for fun.

The drawing was done on one layer with the colour added on the layer beneath, varying the opacity and brush size so that colours were overlaid and blended.

more to come ................


I too have been researching styluses or is it stylii.
I was all set to buy one with the disc as it looked so accurate but read a number of reviews stating that they left scratching on the ipad surface. I didn't want to risk that so I went for the next best option which was a stylus with micro knit tips. Much better than the rubber tips. The one I have has a smaller tip than another similar knitted tip- from the same firm as it happens.
I have used it with Sketch club and if you choose the fine setting it does create very fine lines and is very accurate. I use it at an angle as I do with a pencil and can see directly below. To be even more accurate I simple enlarge while working that bit and reduce back for full view.
Hope this helps.
I also read poor reviews about the bamboo tip one too - don't last long - need to buy refill tips.
Reviews are good on Amazon about lots of different stylus.

Wish I could draw as well as you. Love this little sketch.

I looked at the youtube video and noticed that he did not include any micro fibre tips - they were all rubber except the ball with the disc.
I would still like one but....
vivien said…
Thanks Shirley . The one I've got is, I think, as you describe but not with a fine point.

Like you, I don't want to risk scratching the screen. Maybe the next buy, but refill the coffers a bit first, is a finer point micro knit.

I wish I had your sewing skills!
I'm still struggling in the dark ages of pencil and brush but this sketch of your grandson looks just great to me without too much detail.
Good that he sat still long enough for you!
Hillary said…
Hi Vivien, I am a beginner, an absolute bunny! I have an ipad and have just got the sketch club app. I would like to find the text tool you mentioned, but it eludes me. Can you help please? Is it a separate app? Or hiding behind something? Suggestions would be most welcome. I have no digital experience which might be the problem. Regards Hillary
vivien said…
Hi Hilary, if you look at your top task bar, you should see the word BRUSH or it could say pen. Click on that and you will see a list of tool options.

The lines to the right of it gives another list where you can edit the tool you choose, size etc and in this case input the required words.

Investigate the options under all those icons and you'll soon be whiz zing around.

It's also worth checking for demos on you tube.
Hillary said…
It's there. Have the whole day to play around and discover. woohooo. Thank you so much. Your blog and work are inspiring.

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