Tinted Charcoal pencils and ipastel

Hedge silhoutted against the snow, late afternoon.  Charcoal and pastel

This one started with a sketch in Derwent's tinted charcoal pencils (lovely subtle colours).  See the original sketch below.

On the other side of the road was this wonderful early sunset that I'd done an iPastel sketch of on the iPad.  I thought it would be interesting to see how it worked with what was actuall a pale grey sky on the opposite side of the road, where the hedge was- so on the ipad I borrowed the sky from the ipad work and combined it with the sketch - this may well turn into a larger painting where I can play with those tangled twigs and branches :>) .  It was done in an A4 Stillman and Birn, hardback Beta book with lovely lovely heavy paper, that takes anything I throw at it.  I would love to get my hands on some A2/A1 sheets of this paper.

The tinted charcoal pencils are gorgeous to use, with subtle natural colours and were perfect for the hedge and undergrowth.  I used a little white gouache to regain gaps in the hedge that had become a bit smudged.

Derwent tinted charcoal pencils, Hawthorn hedge in the snow

Have you tried the tinted charcoal pencils?


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