back to the marina

Today I went back to Union Wharf to look again at the tangle of boats, shining water and expensive loft apartments.

This is a photograph of the sketchbook - the scanner (image below) didn't pick up quite all of the image but shows the colour, composition and marks better.

The book was too small (11 inches square) to fit in the whole of the tangle of boats - there were lots just below that lamp that I couldn't fit in. I need to go back with more time and a larger sketchbook.

There was a colder wind blowing today but I was sheltered from it and it was positively hot in the sun.

I had thought it would be a nice place to live but after sitting there on a weekday with a car alarm going off, another car parking with a loud radio playing and children passing on a walk with their parents from time to time and shouting to each other ..... maybe not. At weekends I bet it can be pretty noisy. I like peace.

I'd like to get out into the countryside now and look at the river with the friends who are doing the project with me but we're all a bit busy at the moment so synchronising a time isn't easy.



Lindsay said…
I'm loving these Union Pier drawings and your project. In fact, you have inspired me to start my own waterways project! I keep salivating over the Kurt Jackson book and might ask for it for my birthday. The funny thing about water is that it all eventually wants to flow to the ocean so in a weird way, I feel connected to you and your project thourgh my own project!
Karen Winters said…
Beautiful work Vivien. You have a light and free touch with watercolor that's very refreshing to see.

vivien said…
Thanks Lindsay and Karen :)

Lindsay go for it! I looked at your blog and I've subscribed with bloglines so I can follow the progress :) your information on the area was great - it all adds to the knowledge doesn't it?

Definitely ask for the book for your birthday - it's great. There's a long interview with him and you learn some of the background to the paintings and sketches.

Yes, water is wonderful - the molecules in it could have been swum in my dinosaurs and link us all - rivers - sea - clouds - rain and round and round again.

Karen I follow your blogs regularly and enjoy
Lindsay said…
Vivien, thanks for your encouragement! I love your description of the water cycle.

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