long thin seascapes in coloured pencil

I need to do some more of the long thin seascapes in the Time and Tide series for a couple of galleries so I decided to have a play in coloured pencil from sketches and paintings done at the coast and the last one simply playing with colour and shapes and taking a different viewpoint - looking back at the land instead of out to sea or along the beach.
The majority of my seascapes look out at the sea as that's the view we commonly get - but looking back at the land from the water gives an interestingly different perspective. I must do more of these.

These are only small, about 7.5 ins tall, coloured pencil in the moleskine.
I wasn't planning on them being anything other than sketches but it occurs to me that a row of them in coloured pencil might be worth framing.
I have to write a press release now and update a group website but I keep getting distracted by the amorous squirrels in the garden - it looks like we could have babies before long by this behaviour! and noisy sparrows disputing their territory - my garden - and a cat who wants attention between her bouts of ornithology through the glass door of the patio, so to work :(.


Kate said…
I love these coloured pencil drawings. The colours are beautiful ... very soothing especially to my tired eyes this night.

It is hard not to be distracted by squirrels having fun and a playful cat. I hope you got your work done and still had time for some play!!
Lindsay said…
Vivienne, when ever I open my Google Reader and see a new post from you it makes me happy. I love seeing your work in all media. From you I'mlearning how powerful darks can be...especially when they are filled with color.
MrsSnowy said…
Yep, a row of them would be wonderful framed! I love this format- my favourite is the final - looking away from the sea.
vivien said…
Kate and Lindsay thank you :) I'm having a down and bluesy day :( so your comments were very cheering :)
vivien said…
mrssnowy - thanks :) - I like the looking away from the sea and the more abstract image - I shall do more from that viewpoint.
Katherine said…
I wondered when you were going to try these in CP! I'm thinking that maybe you might want to try some Zest-It as well - and then CP back in on top?
vivien said…
yes, that would be an idea Katherine - I did feel when I was doing them that I wanted to work in mixed media - working over loose washes of watercolour. With the sea and sky I do want a little more smoothness in some areas. Next experiments will probably be over watercolour but when I'm next in an art shop I may invest in some Zest it.

I've had confirmation that I can put coloured pencil images into the pastel show that's coming up - so those flower studies I did and showed here a while back are going to go in.

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