an old pen and ink sketch along the canal

I looked this out in an old sketchbook as it fits with the current series. It was done in 1995 with a Rotring pen.

I don't use pen and ink very often as I find it too scratchy for me - I like pencil or charcoal better as I can get areas of tone down in a way I like better, I usually used water with these Rotring pen sketches to create washes, but only used a very little on this one. I really like other peoples pen sketches but just don't enjoy doing them myself as much as other media.

I want to go back here and sketch again. It's on the canal in the city. The old factory buildings and higgledy piggledy roofs and building shapes probably won't be there much longer as the area is being redeveloped. Such a shame - I expect it will be more ticky tacky boxes, looking as though they were made from lego :( ...... and all the same.


That is amazing. You have tons of talent. I envy you.
vivien said…
thank you :D
Kate said…
It is a beautiful sketch ... you've certainly caught the sense of place.

No doubt the buildings will disappear and be replaced - it always breaks my heart to see old buildings torn down.
Along with them, goes much history and colour.
vivien said…
sadly they will disappear and it will all be sanitized and neatened up and the greenery removed :(

They probably are in bad condition but they are so full of character and I think really should be preserved - well a lot of them anyway.

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