updating the website http://www.vivienblackburn.com/

I decided to update the website http://vivienblackburn.com and add a page with selections from my sketchbooks on the various subjects that interest me.


I'd find it really helpful if you would look and comment on the website - how would you improve it? (remembering I can't go into the html and change things, I have to work within the templates given - though they are fairly flexible)

Katherine gave me some excellent advice, which I'm working my way through. One was not to have such a long list of pages on the left but to have fewer and then sub pages within them - what do you think? (I have to work out how to do that!) ... what else?

The purpose of the site is mainly to showcase my work to potential new galleries - so I can't put prices on.

Any feedback and advice would be gratefully received - even if I don't agree or can't do it! opinions and views are valuable.

Thank you :>)

I thought I'd add an image so this isn't just text :>)

This is a sketch done at the zoo one February - it was bitterly cold, I was outside and they were watching me from a couple of inches away, the other side of thick plate glass. They were in a heated room - I was out in a cold windy covered viewing tunnel.

The mother was fascinated by what I was doing and the baby was racing about playing - I had to sketch him each time he returned to his mother. They had some sheets and she had wrapped one around her and looked like a little old washer woman.

She was so intelligent that I felt it was only good manners to talk to her and show her what I was doing :>) - she seemed interested and leaned forward for a better look.


Anonymous said…
I am glad you have added sketchbooks to your website, Vivien. Sketchbooks are my favorite thing, though, of course, I love paintings. Maybe because I am enchanted by the whole story of works in process or even of just little Moments in Time that interest an artist

Usually sketchbooks are the first thing I look for in a website. This seemed easy to find when I just looked.
jafabrit said…
I really can't find a thing to nit pick in regards to your website and comments. I find that the website offers a strong body of work with comments that give a strong sense of where you are coming from. I can tell a commitment to art that goes beyond just painting images because you can. Does that make sense? Anyway just my humble opinion. Great website.
vivien said…
Thanks for looking Jafa and Annie :)

I agree about looking at sketchbooks - I'd sooner look at an artists sketchbooks than the finished works often.

Yes Jafa it does make sense :)
Lindsay said…
I think your presentation of grouped images is clearer now. I love that I can see many images on one page. I too love sketchbooks. They are so fresh and lively. The primates are beautiful. I think the drawing is all the more amazing for the fact that you were freezing.
vivien said…
thanks Lindsay :)
Robyn said…
I couldn't find any fault with your website either, then I started following some of your links and forgot to comment. I think it is really accessible and full of visual treats.

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