Frog island in watercolour and coloured pencil - mixed media

A sketch of Frog island, a grotty inner city industrial area, in watercolour and coloured pencil in the 11 inch square sketchbook.

I really like to mix media, it gives me different marks and possibilities to draw on to push darks or emphasise lights.

The tree is enhanced with a Lyra flourescent yellow pencil - the leaves were that incredibly bright and fresh spring green against the murky darkness of the old brick wall behind it.

Behind the weir the water was inky dark and appeared still, although of course it wasn't. In front there was bright light reflecting and a jumble of ever changing (as the light changed) reflections. English weather isn't the easiest for sketching in! sometimes the light on the water reflected the bricks of the buildings clearly and at other it went dark with only hints of a reflection as clouds went over the sun.

At one point the friend I was sketching with stood helpfully in front of the scene :>) I was drawing


Katherine said…
Tell Glen she has to get a blog otherwise we shal just go on sketching her and putting her on our blogs!

I know just which Lyra Rembrandt you mean - an absolutely invaluable colour. I panic when i can't find that one!!!
Lindsay said…
This has a wonderful fresh feeling. Great energy too
vivien said…
Katherine - Glen is only just starting to use the computer! she sent her first email to me recently - but forgets to check for any answers! blogs are a little too much at the moment so she'll just have to keep making these guest appearances :)

that yellow is a great colour isn't it?

thanks Lindsay :)

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