Paintmap - my images online with a google map link to where they were painted

Today I received an invitation from Jaime Rodriguez, a Professor Ecology and also a very good painter, to join Paintmap - a really cool site where you add a google map link to show where your paintings were done. - this is a link to the images I've uploaded at the moment. It's great the way it shows where precisely they were painted - though sadly google map flattens all the hills and cliffs but you get an idea of the countryside and coast where I've worked.

.... and of course for further images of seascapes there is alway The Book! link on top right of my blog.


What a good idea for landscape painters. Buyers do like to know the location of the painting.
vivien said…
yes Shirley and it's also great to see work by other artists done in the same area :>)
Robyn said…
That's a lovely site, Vivien. I've just spent a lot of what should be Ironing Time enjoying seeing exactly where you paint. Your paintings look great there as well.
vivien said…
:>) I get sidetracked into nicer things too!

I've just spent days avoiding the task of rewriting course outlines for 6 courses - a major headache but I've finished them :>) my halo is shining bright!
thanks for the link is very exciting!
vivien said…
:>) I liked it

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