Make a font from your own handwriting

I finally got round to trying out that programme to make a font of your own handwriting - it's fun. :>)

This is my first attempt and it is quite like my writing - though rather neater!

You can find it here if you want to have a go. It was very straightforward except for putting it into the fonts folder - their installer didn't have an option to find out where on earth it was saved -so in the end I had to do a search for it and then copy and paste it, which worked just fine.


Robyn said…
Yours looks great, Vivien. So great, I decided to try it. Unfortunately there was a small speck after one of the letters so when I installed the font every time I typed that letter it added a space. SO, I did a completely new template - uploaded - downloaded, but it doesn't download a second time, or third or forth time - I don't give up easily :) No second changes, so anyone trying this make sure you get it right the first time.
dinahmow said…
I actually downloaded this the other day(after you'd linked to Julie's), but I haven't had time time "play" with it.My penmanship has deteriorated so much I think I'll have to cheat! :-)
vivien said…
it does download again Robyn - just give it a different name - I've done a second one

and if you scan that template into photoshop or a similar programme you can erase any specs or tidy letters up a little by erasing bits that went wrong - I had to! ArtWeaver and ArtRage are free if you don't have photoshop and you could do it with them.

Good luck trying again :>)

Yes Dinah, the font is MUCH tidier than my handwriting which even I look at and wonder what on earth I was saying
dinahmow said…
Thanks for the advice! Artweaver is also sitting on the "shelf" waiting for me to have time to do it.Dust bunnies - take a number!
Robyn said…
You are absolutely right, Vivien. I'm a dill - I did it from scratch again and it worked. Problem is there are two Download buttons on the site and I was clicking the wrong one. Apologies to MyFonts.
Anonymous said…
I've done this too, and discovered how truly uneven my lettering is. But I like the font anyway, because it is more personal. I'm going to give it another go one of these days, cos the ; and " take up a lot of space for some reason. I think your writing looks tidy BTW.
vivien said…
it may look neat-ish there Cath but believe me when I hand write it turns into a terrible scrawl!

Things on a shelf awaiting time to get to grips with it? oh I've got loads of those! and dust bunnies too!
José said…

I have to check this.
Maybe I wouldn't make a neat font, but it would be personal.
Heck ! Maybe it could be recognized as the worst font of all :-)

Kind regards,

vivien said…
Nicki MacRae said…
Oh how utterly cool is that!! :-D
vivien said…
Hi there - it's a great programme!

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