pollarded willows, pastel, framed

I decided to frame the pollarded willows with a little more of the work showing - this is it popped into a frame, showing the new crop. Sorry about the reflection from the window/door! Framed it's just over 2 feet (guesstimate)

you can see the previous crop here

I think I'll change the mat to a slightly deeper wheat colour to match the field beyond the water.

I think it looks better larger - how about you?


Billie Crain said…
matting and framing always finish a piece well if done right. i like this! JMHO, but i'm not sure about the wheat colored mat, tho. i kinda like the white.:) the frame looks wheat colored. is it?
Deb L├ęger said…
I love this!!!
Robyn said…
I didn't think there was anything wrong with the previous crop, Vivien but now I see the bend in the trunk freed up, I think it is better. Lovely painting both ways and I do envy you the ability to matt and frame. The warmer matt sounds like a nice idea too.
vivien said…
I can't make the mats and frames myself Robyn - I did do classes to learn but I don't 'do' accurate! so they were never quite right and it really was a waste of money and time

- I have a nice framer who keeps his prices reasonable for me and makes frames to fit the odd sizes I often want. If I put the paintings in myself so he doesn't have the dusting and polishing etc he charges less. I don't like working to stock sizes so it's nice to have them custom made.

I've taken an old painting out of this frame and re-used it :>)

Billie the frame is limed ash, so very pale and the mat is antique white - so a soft off-white colour. I use these for most of my work so that an exhibition has a cohesive look. The width may vary slightly but the mat and frame are the same colour.

Deb thank you :>)
dinahmow said…
Nice piece, Vivien. As Robyn spotted, the tree has a greater role in this crop. And I'd definitely warm the mat slightly.
Trevor Lingard said…
Hi Viv
I much prefer this than the previous crop.
That seemed cramped, were as this one feels open and expressive.
A lovely piece.
Jeanette said…
This looks stunning. I love the shapes in the piece and the mat and frame set it off well.

I liked the crop, but I think this larger piece now I see it works even better.
Lindsay said…
Vivien, this looks so beautiful. Very fresh and it has a dignity.
vivien said…
Dinah I'm glad you agree about the mat :>) (another reason to paint it is that it's got smudges of pastel on it! it will save me paying out to have another cut)

Tnanks Trevor :>) and Jeanette
- yes I think this works better than the tighter crop and it was lucky that the frame was ideal for it :>) I'd intended it for a slightly smaller one.

Lindsay some trees are very dignified aren't they? I think they are like people with real character of their own - I just hate those generic trees in 'how to' books with nor personality or quirks - the authors never seem to say 'go and LOOK at trees'

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