Monday, March 09, 2009

sunset Mawgan Porth

Sunset, Low Tide, Mawgan Porth, 5 inches square, watercolour and coloured pencil on Fabriano Artistico, Vivien Blackburn

A small mixed media of one of my favourite beaches.

I remember walking the couple of miles to this beach with friends as a child. I wasn't supposed to! I certainly wasn't allowed this far from home. We walked there, down the steep 1:3 hill , ran about on the beach for a few hours and had a great time - and then set off home ....

..... UP that 1:3 hill. It was hot, we were tired, it seemed a long way (I was maybe 7).

Then my father drove past - slowed down and glared at me - did he give us a lift home and a telling off as we went? no way!

He drove on, leaving us to walk the rest of the way knowing I was in big trouble when I got home!

I'm going to put this little painting on Etsy


Genie said...

Lovely work

dinahmow said...

Ah! I daresay most of us have similar memories.
I was not supposed to swim in one area of the lake - around the corner from the beach area and dark and deep and dangerous. But the waterlilies were gorgeous! So I swam around to pick some!
Of course, that being the only place to get water lilies I'd sort of shot myself in the foot!

Jeanette said...

This is a lovely piece Vivien, especially as it has memories and a story attached.

I love the brooding sky and the wet sand. Wonderful.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Beautiful Vivien, and an equally lovely memory!

vivien said...

Thanks Genie :>)

:>) I used to pick blackberries and my mother never queried where they came from - the only possible place was farmland that I also wasn't allowed on! How lovely to swim with waterlilies though.

Thanks Jeanette and Ronell :>)

Annie said...

Ik hou van je aquarellen or, in English, I love your watercolors.

vivien said...

thanks Annie :>)

Kim Denise said...

Vivien, how wonderful to see you and your luminous work again! I've missed you. I just don't have time for forums and such anymore, but I've started to find space for blogging again. Looking forward to seeing more of you!


vivien said...

Hi Kim :>)

Luminous is the word to describe your work! I've enjoyed seeing it again recently. Keep in touch :>)